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For bookings please contact: Nick Silva | Meanwhile -> nick@meanwhile.nl 

26/05 Basis, Utrecht
27/05 Shelter, Amsterdam
27/05 Toffler Festival, Rotterdam
27/05 La Musica, lopikerkapel
28/05 Colorado Charlie, Scheveningen
03/06 Vestrock, Hulst
04/06 Amsterdam Open Air
04/06 Free Your Mind, Arnhem
09/06 Club Atelier, Amsterdam
10/06 Boothstock, Rotterdam
10/06 All night long w/ Benny Toffler, Rotterdam
17/06 Alpha nvrmnd, Schagen
18/06 Summerpark, Almere
24/06 Wooase, Utrecht
01/07 By the Creek, Utrecht
08/07 Under the Bridge, Spijkenisse
08/07 Wet 'n Wild, Alphen
15/07 Thuishaven 10HRS, Amsterdam
16/07 Colorado Charlie, Scheveningen (5HRS b2b Chris Stussy)
01/08 Happy Feelings, Groningen

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About Michel de Hey

Michel de Hey

Electronic music has always been about discovery. Taking dance floors to a next level with exciting new sounds, capturing audiences with a continuous element of surprise - innovation has invariably been the driving force here. One of the guiding lights in this ever changing scenery is surely Michel de Hey, renowned for his 30 years of experience in the field, a worldwide respected DJ, producer, label boss and promoter. With his story still developing, things are getting more interesting by the day.

This is it

Of course, the early days of Michel de Hey's career speak volumes. Coming up in a still infant dance music scene, back in the late 80s, he quickly becomes one of Holland's most upfront DJs. Known for his fluent techno style (often referred to as tech-house because of its clubby, uplifting qualities, at other times presenting a more gritty sound honoring his heroes from Detroit), Michel de Hey tends to wow audiences with his performances, always steady in delivering surprising new records and able to effortlessly switch between large rave gigs, mainstage festival and underground club environments.

In short, he turns into an omnipresent artist; flag bearer of the Rotterdam techno scene, playing every club and festival in the country, while also being one of the first Dutch DJs to explore the rest of the world, playing high profile gigs from Berlin and Ibiza to Japan and the US. Here's an artist able to get things going at Circoloco the one day, followed by festival Mysteryland the next. Or taking on your local club and world renowned techno rave Time Warp in the same weekend; Michel de Hey is a specialist to the masses, as well as a tastemaker to the specialists.

There's more..

This is, as they say, the story in a nutshell. Michel de Hey's leading role in Dutch techno and house music is equally due to his weekly radio show, inspiring young DJs till this day, and his own productions, released on his own HEY! Records, EC Records, Noir Music, Bedrock and Rejected (the acclaimed December 2015 release 'You Feel Alive', drenched in sweet, bouncy house sounds).

Meanwhile, the HEY! mark is taken to the floor.  There's sold out events in Holland's most well-known clubs like Toffler, Studio 80, AIR, Melkweg and Winkel van Sinkel, as well as the hosting of areas at festivals/events like Boothstock, R'dam Outdoor, Outdoor Stereo and Thuishaven. The recurring HEY! clubnight at beach venue De Karavaan is one of the recent highlights, a series of mindblowing parties attracting crowds from everywhere, still going strong as we speak.

For sure, Michel de Hey is expanding his grounds. Inviting artists to his clubnights that underline the sound he envisions (ranging from Ricardo Villalobos to Paul Kalkbrenner, from Danny Daze to Karotte), working endlessly on new music, giving upcoming artists a platform of their own with his Kweekvijver project, and never forgetting the club grounds he emerged from - this is someone on the move.

And yes, this story has an open ending. With Michel de Hey's clubnights at an alltime high, his productions getting better by the day and new crowds continuously discovering his charismatic and striking DJ performances, there's no saying in what lies next for this Dutch notoriety. Whatever it is, it will showcase electronic music in its most current shape, fresh and invigorating, with Michel de Hey as its most trustworthy guide.










FACEBOOK facebook.com/micheldeheyofficial
SOUNDCLOUD soundcloud.com/michel-de-hey
KWEEKVIJVER facebook.com/kweekvijver
TWITTER twitter.com/micheldehey
DISCOGS discogs.com/artist/8885-michel-de-hey


Whats next?


18/02 013, Tilbug
25/02 Toffler Indoor, Rotterdam
25/02 Toffler club, Rotterdam
04/03 10HRS Thuishaven, Amsterdam
11/03 Xinix, Nieuwendijk
21/03 Dutchweek, Saalbach
25/03 Duikboot Lentefestival, Breda
31/03 Give Soul, Rotterdam
08/04 Colorado Charlie, Scheveningen
16/04 JOY, Bloemendaal
21/04 OOST, Groningen
26/04 KiKi Club, Leiden
26/04 de Gigant, Apeldoorn
27/04 Loveland van Oranje, Amsterdam
27/04 Free Your Mind, Arnhem
06/05 Toffler, Rotterdam
07/05 Music On, Amsterdam
27/05 Toffler Festival, Rotterdam
10/06 Boothstock Festival, Rotterdam

Michel de Hey (official) Tour Dates


DJ Kweekvijver

The Dutch underground scene is back on it's way up and we love to help a hand! That's why in this brand-new year Kweekvijver (translation: hotbed / breeding ground, literally translated: fish pond) will travel through the Netherlands looking for hungry little fish that want to participate in bringing themselves to the next level!

Kweekvijver, the night where young talents take a dive into the deep next to no other then the Dutch legend DJ and initiator MICHEL DE HEY! Kweekvijver will be the place where you will be pleasantly surprised by heroes from the future, all supported by the big boss himself and in one of your favorite clubs!

It's going to be the night you'll still be talking about in a couple of years, allowing you to say, you were at the debut of ... It'll be a memorable night you are not allowed to miss!

"I think the name says it all. The place where gifted musicians or DJ's get the chance to take a dive into the deep with me. Are you a talented DJ or live act? Do you feel called upon to show your qualities? All fish are welcome in my pond!"

For more information about kweekvijver, visit www.djkweekvijver.nl
For bookings please contact: Jeroen Schipper - HEY! - jeroen@micheldehey.com


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- Baby be mine EP on ‘HEY! Records’ (video of Carl Cox playing HEYHO)

- Enough isn’t Enough EP on Green Velvets’ ‘Relief Records’

- Look at Luf EP on Steve Bugs’ ‘Poker Flat’

- Tracklights EP on Josh Winks’ ‘Ovum Records’

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For bookings please contact: Nick Silva | Meanwhile -> nick@meanwhile.nl 

For other inquires please contact Jeroen Schipper: jeroen@micheldehey.com

For demos please email to music@micheldehey.com. Due to the high amount of music that I receive I am not able to respond to everybody. I promise you I will listen to every demo that I receive and if I like it, for sure I will be in touch :)